Our company has services hundreds of customers in our years of service in the country. With our team of professional technicians, we assure the quality of service that our clients get. The following are the main services we offer:

Aircon Servicing

We cover all the standard aircon services for our clients. Troubleshooting of units are our expertise where we identify what keeps your AC unit from performing optimally. This also includes cleaning and maintenance services to get your unit in good condition.

The rates we offer differ for all our services which include separate prices for check-up & troubleshooting, as well as, full maintenance service. Clients can also get better deals if they avail of our service packages and the annual aircon maintenance contract we offer for our commercial clients.

Chemical Wash

A deeper of way of cleaning your air-conditioners is the use of chemical solutions. It is also a popular option when doing a complete overhaul of your AC unit. The chemical will take care of air pipes and coils where the air flow will get better.

Water leaks can also be prevented with this method because there is no more pressure on the inside from clogging. It will not only clean your unit but it will also save you a ton of money on your electricity bill and lessening the risk for damage.

Aircon Repair

For this service, our team of experts can make sure that you inefficient aircon because of a broken part will be operating at full capacity. Our technicians will inform you of the needed part replacements to get the back the quality of operation of your unit.

With the experience, our technicians have they can detect an AC that needs a full when they get to look at the unit. You might have a pipe leak, malfunctioning coils, or a clogged vent they will have a solution for your problem right away.

Our technicians will first dismantle the unit to inspect it. They will also proceed to the removal of the part that broken. Proper testing of the operation of the unit will also be done to make sure that there are no mishaps in the future.

Aircon Installation

Proper installation of an air-conditioner is a much-needed service these days. Not all units are properly installed which can cause early damage and larger electric bills because of inefficiency. Therefore, you need to get our experts to install your newly-bought air-conditioner for you.

Our technicians have been trained for installation services of just about every commercially available air-conditioner in the area. We will handle everything from finding the perfect spot for your AC and proper installation of all the parts of your AC.

From simple window type air-conditioners to the much bigger split-type and full HVAC systems, our technicians can handle any unit. We provide a hassle-free service where our clients can just sit back and come back with a newly-installed air-conditioning system.