The Main Causes of Aircon Water Leak

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July 18, 2017
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The Main Causes of Aircon Water Leak

It’s the middle of the summer season and you suddenly realized that your aircon unit is leaking water. Aircon water leaks are one of the most common performance issues for most homeowners today. Hence, allow us to introduce the main causes of these water leaks and how you can prevent it in the process.

  1.    The condensate drain line is clogged

In order to determine the cause of the water leak, you must check the condensate drain line if it’s clogged. The drain line is prone to accumulation of dirt, dust, and even mold. As a result, the water will back up into your house. If this is the problem then you will have to unblock the drain line. For starters, you can use a wet or dry vacuum. But if it doesn’t work, maybe it’s about time to call a professional.

  1.    The drain pan is rusted

If your air conditioning unit is around 15 years old already, the drain pan must be damaged. Once the drain pan is damaged the water just goes right through. There is no need to repair. All you need to do is replace the pan and your problem is solved.

  1.  The condensate pump is broken

For instance, your AC unit is installed in the underground room of your house. There must be a condensate pump that is responsible for pumping water outside of the house. Once the pump is broken, the water will no longer be pumped externally anymore. You can check if the pump can still be repaired or if the damage is beyond repair, simply replace the condensate pump.

  1.    The air filter is dirty

You might want to check if your air filter is not clogged with dirt and dust. Because in that case, a clogged air filter will block the flow of the air towards the evaporator coil. Once it happens, the temperature in the evaporator coil will freeze and when it melts, the water drips right through the pan and causes a water leak.

As much as possible, change your air filter at least every three months in order to make sure that it’s in good working condition and you have a fresher indoor air.

  1.    Low refrigerant

If you have a low refrigerant, the results will be similar to having a filthy air strain A low down refrigerant will cause low pressure in the unit’s system and will cause freezing on the evaporator coil. Once the coil melts, the amount of water that will drip can no longer be accommodated by the drain pan.

You can easily determine if you have a low refrigerant because your AC unit is not cooling enough and there are strange sounds while you are running the system.

These are the main causes of aircon water leak. If you can determine the root cause of the water leak, call a professional as soon as you can especially if you can’t handle the leak by yourself. In that way, you can lengthen the lifespan of your unit.

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