Indoor Air Quality

The Main Causes of Aircon Water Leak
May 4, 2018

Indoor Air Quality

Improve the Quality of the Indoor Air in Your Home

Improve the quality of the indoor air in your home and extend the life of your heating and cooling system while removing dust, pollen, pet dander and odours with Alfa Aircon indoor air quality products and duct cleaning service.

Our Certified Advisors are specialists in indoor air quality. They can recommend the perfect air purification system to fit all your needs. From our exclusive lifetime warranted permanent electrostatic filters to electronic or media air filters, odour elimination to Germicidal ultraviolet filtration that eliminates germs and bacteria from your indoor air…you’ll find them all at Alfa Aircon.


Did you know? Air cleaning systems help keep your system operating efficiently by removing particles that may hinder the performance of the heating or cooling system that you have installed. Alfa Aircon brand indoor air quality products are covered by the some of the best warranties in the heating and cooling industry.

Be careful when choosing replacement air filters for your home, not all products are made the same. Many filters use a foam core or porous pad as their primary filtering media. When new, these filters may work well, however in just a short time foam core filters may become infused or impregnated with dirt and become hard or impossible to clean this will lead to restricted air flow, and damage to your heating or cooling system. Trust Alfa aircon to have the correct solution for your air purification needs, usually with a price lower then competitors inferior products.

Alfa Aircon offers complete maintenance and replacement filters for your new, or most existing air purifiers and filter systems.

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