DIY Fixing Aircon Water Leaks for Homeowners

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May 18, 2018
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DIY Fixing Aircon Water Leaks for Homeowners

If you can determine the root cause of your aircon water leak, it’ll be easier for you to fix it by yourself before you seek help from a professional. There are instances where a screwdriver and basic knowledge is what you need to fix water leaks. It can also help you tons of money in the long run. Allow us to teach you how to fix AC water leaks in the comfort of your own home.

  1.    Change your air filters

One of the most common reasons why you experience water leaks is a clogged air filter. An air filter full of dust will force the evaporator coil to freeze and results in a water leak. Hence, you should change your air filter at least every three months in order to avoid AC water leaks.

  1.    Suck out the dirt in a clogged condensate line

The second reason why your air conditioning unit has water leaks is that of a clogged condensate line. it will most likely depend on the age of your unit. If your AC unit is over ten years already, then you may consider replacing the condensate line. But if you just bought it last year, you can use a wet/dry vacuum in sucking out the dirt that had been clogged in your condensate line. You can also use a hand pump, whichever you are most comfortable.

But if you want to avoid any of this from happening at all, we suggest you clean your condensate line even if it’s still not clogged. Regular cleaning will prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust in your condensate line and will help you to extend the lifespan of your unit.

  1.    Clean and repair the drain pan

Using a flashlight, you can determine if the drain pan is the root cause of your AC water leak. Make sure that you check every corner and edges of the pan for any sign of damage. If you can still repair the damage in the drain pan, you can fix your AC water leak. However, if the pan is all worn and rusted out, we suggest you just replace it instead.

  1.    Replace broken condensate pump

If you have installed your AC unit in the basement of your house, there is a condensate pump. Once the condensate pump is damaged, it can cause water leak because the water isn’t being pumped outside of the house anymore. Examine the damage to the pump and determine if you can still repair it or if it needs an entire replacement to function properly.

All you need is a screwdriver, flashlight, and some basic knowledge to repair your AC water leak. When you notice that your AC unit is dripping water, don’t grab your phone just yet. Examine the damage and see what you can do. But if you have exhausted all means and the water leak is still there, that’s the time that you seek for professional services from an expert.

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