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Aircon Repair

Our technicians can detect an AC that needs a full when they get to look at the unit. You might have a pipe leak, malfunctioning coils, or a clogged vent they will have a solution for your problem right away.

Aircon Installation

We will handle everything from finding the perfect spot for your AC and proper installation of all the parts of your AC.

Chemical Wash

A deeper of way of cleaning your air-conditioners is the use of chemical solutions. It is also a popular option when doing a complete overhaul of your AC unit. The chemical will take care of air pipes and coils where the air flow will get better.

Aircon Servicing

The rates we offer differ for all our services which include separate prices for check-up & troubleshooting, as well as, full maintenance service.

Why Choose Us?

Highly Trained Technicians

Our aircon technicians that have extensive experience in the industry which allows them to give quality service.The experience and skill assures clients that we can deliver quality service.


Aside from the quality service, customers will pay low rates after the service is delivered. Our service rates are some of the most affordable within the city. It is easy to avail of their services through their newly built website.

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