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In the sweltering heat of Singapore, air conditioning transitions from a mere luxury to an absolute essential. At Alfa Air Conditioner, we’re acutely aware of how pivotal reliable aircon servicing is for ensuring your abode or business remains a sanctuary of comfort and efficiency.

Boasting an illustrious history since 2005, our team has proudly served over 10,000 contented clients, harnessing advanced technology that enhances service speed by an impressive 30%.

Our proficiency extends beyond merely providing quick fixes. Led by myself, John Wong and my fellow co-founder Ahmad Bin Suleiman — each with over two decades worth of experience in the HVAC industry — we pledge unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in every project undertaken.

Our dedication to utilising smart diagnostic tools and crafting customer-focused solutions distinctly positions us as leaders in our field. Continue reading to uncover how we can transform your space into a cooler and more comfortable haven efficiently.

Our Services



Aircon Maintenance

We inspect your air conditioner every three months for homes and every month for businesses. This helps make it work better and last longer. For only $240 SGD, we take care of maintenance for three units with a contract.

This also stops expensive fixes and keeps the air in your space clean.


Aircon Cleaning

Our team specialises in aircon cleaning, paying close attention to the drainage pipe, filter, and evaporator surfaces. This makes sure your unit works well. Our qualified technicians are both knowledgeable and honest in every task they undertake.


Aircon Installation

Our team has 18 years of experience in fitting aircon. We make sure you stay comfy and keep your warranty safe. We work with all kinds of cooling systems, even the VRV system.

You get good prices and a strong 90-day guarantee on our work.


Aircon Repairs

Our team works on more than 380 units each month, focusing on advanced aircon fixes. We swiftly find and solve problems using the best tools. Our expert technicians deliver top-quality work with no hidden charges, making every fix job detailed and quick.

Every task gets our complete focus for the best outcomes and happy customers.


Aircon Gas Refills

We check your air conditioner’s gas levels and top them up if required. This service prevents leaks, ensures the system operates smoothly and avoids malfunctions. We provide a 90-day guarantee on our work for every gas refill done.
This guarantees your air conditioning unit functions flawlessly at all times.


Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Our aircon chemical overhaul service deals with all the deep dirt and bacteria. It’s priced at £180 for three units and comes with a 90-day warranty. This cleaning gets rid of tough dirt and greatly makes your air cleaner.

We carefully clean every part so your system works well and uses less power.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Experts

We solve aircon problems fast, guaranteeing a 100% fix. Every job comes with a 90-day warranty, showing we stand by our work. Same-day or next service is assured for emergencies – you won’t wait long.

With 18 years behind us, we know aircons inside out. Our experience means quick and accurate fixes each time. We use smart tools to speed up the job, saving you time and hassle.

Our team has seen every type of problem across all brands. We’re ready for anything. Expect high-quality service every visit, making your space cool again quickly. Join over 10,000 clients who rely on us to keep their air cool and clean.

Certified Technicians

Our team boasts technicians with at least 18 years of hands-on experience in aircon servicing, repair, and maintenance. They hold certifications that verify their skills in swiftly diagnosing and fixing any issue your unit might face.

Each member is dedicated to providing honest and transparent services. This commitment ensures we solve problems quickly and accurately, keeping your space cool and comfortable.

We take pride in our ability to offer high-quality workmanship across a wide range of brands. Our experts are well-versed in both residential and commercial systems, giving them the versatility needed to handle any task.

Advantages of Regular Maintenance


Regular maintenance boosts efficiency and prolongs your aircon’s life. It stops costly repairs before they start and ensures your air stays clean, improving its quality. This kind of upkeep guarantees comfort and safeguards the warranty of your device.

Plus, it saves energy by reducing power usage. We make sure these benefits are within reach for our clients through regular servicing schedules, ensuring their systems run smoothly all year round.

Our experienced technicians use advanced tools to keep everything in check—always aiming for optimal performance without unnecessary hassle or expense.


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We’ve shared everything about the best aircon services in Singapore. Our team at Alfa Air Conditioner brings over 18 years of expertise, ensuring your spaces stay cool and comfortable.

From quick fixes to full system check-ups, we cover it all with precision and care. Our tech advances shorten wait times by 30%, making us leaders in the field. Keep cool and carry on knowing we’re ready to jump into action with just a call or email away.

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